Windows Elapsed Running Time

Windows Elapsed Running Time 1.6

A utility that displays your windows uptime, always, in the taskbar
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There are several occasions when it could be helpful to know how long your computer has been running. Perhaps you need to check the last system shutdown, or to see if a power cut interrupted your system, or maybe your PC or laptop computer is simply slowing down, and there are commands you can input to discover your systems uptime and you can open the Windows Task Manager application to find it. However, you may be in charge of more than one computer and need to check log off times etc., and installing the Windows Elapsed Running Time1.50 small utility will show you your uptime always, just by glancing at the taskbar. This program's compact and neat little interface provides you with a choice of options including, always on top, load on Windows startup, show time in window caption, show elapsed hours in taskbar icon, and show elapsed days in taskbar icon. You simply check the options you want and uncheck those you don't to select the settings you want and you can also choose to hide the options menu from view with one click of your mouse. Having uptimes always visible in the task bar will save you time especially where there are shared computers and people log off and on all the time or if one of your systems has gone down.

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